Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Criteria and Conditions

The following household size and income standards are used to determine eligibility.

Total Household Size*    Yearly Income    Monthly Income
2                                           $25,900              $2,159
3                                           $32,560              $2,714
4                                           $39,220              $3,269
5                                           $45,880              $3,824
6                                           $52,540              $4,379
7                                           $59,200              $4,934
8                                           $65,860              $5,489
*Household includes all people living in your household, related or not (such as grandparents, other relatives, friends). You must include yourself and all children who live with you.

Occasionally, extenuating circumstances may determine scholarship eligibility.  If your circumstances do not match the income listed above, you may still be eligible.  Indicate your circumstances on the application form.

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