Time to Play! Season Four Casting

Congratulations to all of our students who participated in the 2016 Teen City Stage auditions.

Here are our cast lists…

Side Show

Character Name Student
Daisy Hilton: Libby Hatfield
Violet Hilton: Ava Smith
Terry Conner: Chris Melton
Buddy Foster: Christian Regan
Jake/Cannibal King: Justin Rivers
Sir: Carson Palmer
Auntie/Harem Girl: Tessa Giordano
Fortune Teller: Carman Myrick
Venus de Milo: Sophie Teague
Houdini/Doctor/Suitor: Caleb McNabb
Ray/Doctor/Male Cossack: Liam Pearce
The Geek/Doctor/Suitor: Robert Leaks
Lizard Man/Doctor/Suitor: Colin Gallagher
Judge/Suitor/Tod Browning: Timmy Cowie
Sir’s Lawyer/Cannibal King Trainer/Ensemble: Marisa Bringewatt
Dog Boy/Suitor: TJ Kapur
Tattoo Girl: Helena Dreyer
Half Man/Half Woman: Krystal DeCristo
Three Legged Man/Suitor: Max Becker
Bearded Lady: Ellie Linsz
Female Cossack: Kendall Packman
Human Pin Cushion/Camerawoman: Leah Cloninger
Announcer/Asst. Director/Ensemble: Max Santopietro
Cannibal King Trainer/Ensemble: Lexy Sowards
Harem Girl/Cherub: Brooke Baldwin, Camryn Duckworth, Hannah Ellington, Jada Jones, Leah Smart
Roustabouts/Party Guests/Texans/Reporters: Maddie Beeler, Amanda Foss, Max Orroth, Jessie Zangmeister
Tech Interns Talia Buksbazen, Eric Nelson

School of Rock

Character Name Student
Dewey Finn: Liam Pearce
Rosalie Mullins: Renee Rapp
Ned Schneebly: Christian Regan
Patty: Carlyn Head
Summer Hathaway: Camryn Duckworth
Tomika: Emery Cherok
Zack Mooneyham (guitar): Parker Mullet
Freddy Hamilton (drums): Levi Buksbazen
Katie (bass): Haley Vogel
Lawrence (piano / keyboard): Jason Gibbs
Marcy: Sophie Teague
Shonelle: Gibby Sword
Billy Sanford: Bennett Harris
Sophie/Emo Girl 2 Samantha Melton
Mason Ward: Natalie Vogel
James: Griffin Santopietro
Madison: Chrissa Weir
Emo Girl 1/Ensemble: Eleni Kash
Mrs. Sheinkopf (Music Teacher): Ellie Linsz
Theo (No Vacancy)/Mr. Spencer (Parent)/Jeff Sanderson (Battle of the Bands Mgr): Colin Samole
Bob(No Vacancy)/Mr. Mooneyham (Parent): Robert Leakes
Mrs. Hathaway (Parent)/Ms. Gordon (Teacher): Ryann Losee
Gabe Brown (Teacher)/Stanley (Record Store Owner)/Mr. Williams (Parent): Aidan Clements
Doug (No Vacancy)/Mr. Sanford (Parent)/Security Guard 1: Caleb McNabb
Snake (No Vacancy)Mr. Woodward (Teacher)/Mr. Ward (Parent)/Punk: Timmy Cowie
Ms. Bingham (Teacher)/Waitress/Biker: Peyton Metzler
Ms. Noble (Teacher)/Punk: Millie Stevens
Mr. Green (Teacher)/Mr. Hamilton(Parent)/Biker/Security Guard 2: Max Santopietro
Ms. Sanders (Teacher)/Punk: Maddie Brown
Ms. Janes (Teacher)/Punk: Hannah Hudson
Ms. Macapugay (Teacher)/Biker: Maya Grace Buckner
Ms. Wagner (Teacher)/Punk: Krystal DeCristo
Mrs. Turner(Parent): Madison Horton
Mrs. Travis (Parent)/Policeman Madison Brading
Tech Interns Talia Buksbazen, Eric Nelson, Lucia Wallace